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24 Hour Helpful Phone Numbers

ABA Breastfeeding help line: 1800 686 2 682 (1800 mum 2mum)
Pregnancy birth and baby help line: 1800 882 436
Peel Health Campus: (08) 9531 8000, (Bennett Ward) (08) 9531 8230
Rockingham District Hospital: (08) 9599 4000

"Eyes Wide Open" Teenage Pregnancy Program

Offers support to young pregnant women and young families aged 15-21 years of age. The Pregnancy Program and Life After Birth Program are offered on a rotation basis, each lasting for 6 weeks. Eyes Wide Open offers appropriate support, information and knowledge in a safe and respectful environment to all participants at the individual programs. A fully qualified Creche is offered to the participants of both programs. External mentoring is also offered if needed. Contact Peel Youth Services regarding enquiries for Eyes Wide Open, Mon-Fri 9am-3pm. Transport is offered.
Contact: Be Westbrook Coordinator, Eyes Wide Open Program
Peel Youth Programme Inc
Ph: (08) 9581 3365 Alternative Contact 0419 906 330

Community Health Centres

Mandurah Community Health and Development Centre: (08) 9586 4400 Rockingham / Kwinana Community Health Centre: (08) 9419 2266

Vitamin D Levels in Pregnancy
Why is it important

Vit D enhances calcium and phosphate absorption and promotes bone mineralisation. In the foetus, baby and child, Vit D deficiency leads to low calcium seizures, rickets (soft and bendy bones) in the foetus, low birth weight, limb pain and factures in the new born, 6X risk to RSV lung infection in 1 year olds, 11% reduction in total bone content in 9 year olds born to mothers with Vit D deficiency. In the pregnant mum, there is a 2X increase risk of preeclampsia, hypertension, increased risk of Gestational Diabetes and preterm delivery

Ideal level in pregnancy

It is Ideal for Vit D level to be between >78nmol/L and under <120nmol/l. Having too high a Vit D level in pregnancy is associated with renal (kidney) toxicity.
Any pregnant woman with levels <75nmol/l should be on a supplement.

Who is at Risk
Pregnant Women

Increased BMI (weight), winter seasons, ethnic tanned skin or sun avoidance in fair skinned and shift workers. People with malabsorption symptoms are also at risk.

How Much to Take
In pregnant and lactating mum's:

For levels <75nmol/l: take 1000 units Vit D3/day(1 Ostelin tablet a day)
For levels <50nmol/l: take 5000 units Vit D3/day(5 ostelin tablets) AND 1000mg Calcium tablet per day and repeat levels of Vit D in 6-8 weeks, then maintain dose of 1000units until breastfeeding finishes.

For the Baby

If baby is breastfeeding(Breast Milk only contains 25unit/l Vit D) : Give baby 400 units/day of Vit D as 0.45ml of Pentavite up to 12 months of age in a breastfeeding baby
If baby is bottle feeding, artificial formula already has 400units/l of Vit D.